These ships are found in several places in the universe, although most notably in the vicinity of the coordinates of 20, 199 (as the Crystal Cone is located in the first planet in the solar system there, which is needed to solve the mystery of the solar flares).

A scan won’t tell what kind of ship these are exactly – whether they are Scoutships or something else – as a scan will just define it as to being a “ship”. A scan will also reveal these ships as to only carrying rodnium, and no apparent fuel (unless the Mysterions were able to convert rodnium to fuel). They have a very high shield class, but no weapons.

The Mysterions only communicate via binary language, and no other. They will leave without incident after broadcasting their messages several times, whether they are responded to or not.


  • Weight: 3,536 tons
  • Shield class: 75
  • Weapon: None
  • Known cargo: Rodnium


Reportedly, the binary messages that these ships give out are, in the Genesis version of Starflight, solar system coordinates, planets and locations of several useful artifacts, such as (as stated via translated message) the Red Cylinder, which is found at the solar system of 112, 200 on the third planet at coordinates 59N x 64W, and the Hypercube, which is found on the third planet at the solar system of 215, 86, at the coordinates of 12N x 104W. And reportedly the message on the PC version is the phone number of the developer's home office at the time of release.

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