The N'tal are a species of energy beings which came to Earth, requesting bodies for their own dying race; unfortunately for them they are a parasitic species - or as they prefer to call it, symbiotic - and must use host bodies to live longer than two years. Should one grow too old, their regularly golden hue would begin to switch to a blue one, presumably indicating that their energy was starting to dim. At least one individual named Kadmis was able to hold a quasi-humanoid form in order to communicate.

When a number of their kind felt that mankind was not offering enough corpses for them to transfer through, the replacement of the leader during the first 2 years was believed to have initiated a plot to cause excess death for them to transfer with. This plan was thought to involve transferring rare chemicals - both terrestrial and not - capable of asphyxiating Humans when combined in certain ways. When the local individual who took care of transferring the corpses of mankind to by used by the N'tal moved to this location to investigate however, he discovered that instead the N'tal were working to breed themselves into Humanity; one had given birth to a pure Human child, and the rest planned on breeding themselves out of existence with man.

Known N'talEdit

  • Jaru
  • Kadmis

Behind the scenes Edit

  • The N'tal were the focus of The Outer Limits episode entitled, "The Second Soul", which originally aired in 1995.
  • "Natal" is an adjective which means "of or relating to birth", referencing how the N'tal are "born" through the deaths of others.

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