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N'zoth was the fifth planet in the N'zoth system, located in the Farlax sector in the Koornacht Cluster, near the Core Worlds. It was most well known for being the home world of the Yevetha.


N'zoth was an arid planet with standard gravity and an atmosphere breathable by most sentient creatures. The brutal, xenophobic Yevetha were the planet’s only sentient species, although other native species such as the siringana were equally merciless and brutal. Giat Nor was the capital city of both N’zoth and later the Duskhan League. The planet was the headquarters of Nazfar Metalworks.


During the reign of the Galactic Republic and the events of the Clone Wars, N'zoth was situated perpetually in Republic space. Following the deaths of the Separatist Council at Mustafar and the surrender of the CIS, N'zoth automatically fell under the Galactic Empire's control.

During the reign of the Galactic Empire, N’zoth was the site of Black Fifteen, an Imperial orbital shipyard, and its subsequent overtaking by Yevethan insurgents, most of whom had worked the shipyard prior to the revolt.

After a series of genocidal and xenocidal expansions, and a bout of political maneuverings, the Yevetha and the New Republic clashed violently. The Battle of N'zoth was the climax of this Black Fleet Crisis.

Later, the Yuuzhan Vong launched an attack against N’zoth after learning from the Fia of Galantos that the Yevetha might pose a threat to their rear. The Yuuzhan Vong ravaged N’zoth and devastated Yevethan civilization by hunting them down throughout the Koornacht Cluster, turning them into an endangered species.[6]

During the Second Galactic Civil War, N'zoth was used for a meeting between Luke Skywalker and Admiral Cha Niathal. The two began the forming of an alliance against Darth Caedus.

Behind the scenesEdit

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