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Na Pali

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Na pali
Points of interest Rrajjigar Mines, Temple of Chizra, Temple of Vandora, The Sunspire, Na Pali Haven, Temple of Velora
Native fauna Nali, Nali Rabbiits, Nali Cows, Nali Birds, Horseflies, Tentacles, Biterfish, Predators, Devilfish, Titans, Mantas
Immigrated species Skaarj, Sliths, Brutes, Krall
Primary languages Nali
Major exports Tarydium
Behind the Scenes
Universe Unreal Universe
Na Pali is a planet known to be rich in the mineral Tarydium. The planet is also home to the primitive Nali, but is currently under the control of the Skaarj Empire, who've invaded the planet and enslaved the local populace, forcing them to mine Tarydium, whilst keeping them under constant guard.

Local LifeformsEdit


Skaarj ForcesEdit

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