The Naaru (pronounced ['na:ru]) are a race of sapient energy beings. They are the most powerful servants of the main divinity of the Great Dark Beyond, the Light.


The Naaru are the main enemy of the Burning Crusade of the demons and their race is the main devoted to the Light. They first appeared in known history when a Naaru battleship rescued the uncursed Eredars and their leader, Velen the Prophet, from their homeland, Argus (plagued by the Titan Sargeras, lord of demons). The Naaru battleship landed upon a new planet, Draenor, where the Eredar began a new life and changed their name, calling themselves the Draenei. The Naaru would reappear during the war against the demon legion on Draenor. The group of Naaru paladins, The Sha'tar, led by A'dal, have their base in Shattrath City (and in the Naaru fortress, Tempest Keep, before conquered by the Blood Elves of Illidan Stormrage's army) and have as main objectives to eradicate the demonic presence from Draenor and prevent the invasion of Azeroth by the corrupted Eredar lord Kil'jaeden and his burning legion. In the last battle at the blood elf fortress, Sunwell Plateau, the Sha'tar Naaru M'uru fought as well, but he fell and was cursed by the demons and transformed in a void energy being, Entropius. When the Azerothian army destroyed Kil'Jaeden (albeit temporarily), they used M'uru's heart to remove the curse from the Sunwell and terminate the war.


The Naaru have a cold but generous nature: All actions that they do is for the peace of the universe, wounded by the demon plague. The Naaru are the nearest race to the Light and they use holy powers as a weapon to eradicate the evil and as a shield for weaker races. They are based on a simple hierarchical structure where a group of naaru is led by a more powerful/ancient/wise one and they are apolitical, with the only interest to serve the Light and the younger races.


The Naaru have an abnormal and abstract body, formed by symbols and geometrical forms of "condensed pure light" suspended on the floor, generally  blue, green or purple colored. Their average height is 2.5 meters. Their leaders are five times bigger the normal naaru and are made by a bright golden light. The Naaru also have telepathic powers that they use for communicate.


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