Universe Star Wars Universe
Region Mid Rim
Sector Chommell Sector
System Naboo System
Orbital Position 3
Moons Three
Class Terrestrial
Gravity Standard
Atmosphere Oxygen mix, Type I (breathable)
Climate Temperate
Diameter 12,120 km
Primary Terrain Swamps, forests, grasslands, seas
Surface water 85%
Notable Species Gungan, Glurrg, Bursa, Aiwha, Blarth, Clodhopper, Falumpaset, Fambaa, Gullipud, Hohokum, Ollopom, Opee Sea Killer, Otta, Pom-Hopper, Sando Aqua Monster, Saw-toothed Grank, Voorpak, Zalaaca, etc...
Population 4.5 billion
Rotation period 26 standard hours
Orbital Period 312 local days

The Gungans' homeworld of Naboo is the third planet orbiting a bright yellow star also known as Naboo, located in the Mid Rim region of the galaxy. The planet, in turn, is orbited by three moons. Naboo's surface is covered in vast grasslands, swamps and seas.




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