Universe Dragon Ball Universe
Class Terrestrial
Atmosphere Breathable
Primary Terrain Meadows, Large Oceans
Notable Species Namekians,Namekian frogs,dinosaurs,fish

Planet Namek was the world upon which the Namekians evolved. Before its destruction, life on Namek seemed somewhat sparse - perhaps due to the huge tempest that had nearly eradicated the Namekian species themselves "a Namekian generation ago". It is unique in that it orbits triple suns, and as such never experiences night.

The Destruction of Namek Edit

Namek was doomed from the moment when Frieza, a ruler from a little known species invaded the world on a campaign in search of the planet's mystical Dragon Balls. The short, brutal campaign saw most Namekians dead and much destruction across the surface of Namek. As the campaign played out, most Namekians had been killed, leaving Frieza, the only survivor of his invasion force, and a small group of warriors from Earth as the surviving sapients on the planet.

Events came to a head during a climactic battle between Frieza and the Earth-raised Saiyan, Son Goku. During the battle Goku achieved becoming a Super Saiyan, greatly increasing his power to be more than a match for Frieza; this prompted Frieza, badly losing and not able to accept being beaten, to opt to destroy the planet from the inside out by destroying its core. (Frieza's species can survive in deep space indefinitely, whereas a Sayain would quickly suffocate) However, all creatures on Namek (except for Frieza and Son Goku themselves) had been wished to Earth by the Dragon Balls, to protect them from Namek's destruction. Within five minutes of its core being eradicated, the planet had detonated, littering its solar system with its now-useless debris.

In Memory of Namek: The Creation of New Namek Edit

With the Namekians now without a home planet to call their own, an earthling named Bulma located a random planet and used her family's company's technology to made a few adjustments to it to make it look just like the original planet Namek. This was then dubbed New Namek by the surviving Namekian peoples, who soon immigrated there.

Porunga Edit


Porunga, Namek's Eternal Dragon.

Porunga was the Namekian Dragon. Unlike the Eternal Dragon from Earth, Shenron, Porunga could grant a grand total of three wishes per summoning. Initially the dragon of Saichoro, it was passed on to another upon his death.

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