Crysis Nanosuit 1

Nanosuit 1.0

Crysis 2 - Crynet Systems - Nanosuit 2 HD01:17

Crysis 2 - Crynet Systems - Nanosuit 2 HD

The Nanosuit is a semi-organic symbiotic armour suit. Originally derived from Ceph technology (stolen at Tunguska by Hargreave and Rach), it has had multiple carnations (all of them made by the company Crynet) with the 2.0 being the latest.

The suit provides many abilities beyond that of a normal human, these being:

  • Super human strength, making the wearer strong enough to lift a fully armoured Ceph grunt with one arm and throw them several feet in the air. The strength or power mode isn't just limited to the upper body it also allows for jumps of super human proportions as well.
  • Cloak: An active camouflage that runs on suit energy the user can move quickly and remain in cloak but firing a weapon like a shotgun is liable to drain and disable the ability until the energy recharges.
Nano suit

Nanosuit 2.0

  • Armour mode: Although the suit on its own offers adequate protection it has an armour mode that protects against heavy ordinance like grenades and some missiles along with small arms fire and 50 calibre weapons.

Being symbiotic the suit has the ability to "merge" with tissue if the wearer is wounded; one such case was that of a Force Recon marine who had received mutiple injuries to the heart, lungs, ribs and several vertebrae. Despite these injuries and because of the suit he survived and functioned at a level higher than what would normally be considered optimum combat efficiency.

With scientific knowledge beyond that of even the people who built it, the suit has many abilities that weren't anticipated (although known at least by Hargeave who implanted the subroutine), the ability to store the consciousness of the wearer and a deep layer protocol that allowed for a vector to be made against the Manhattan virus (a Ceph area denial bio-weapon).

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