The Naragi are a race of alien in the MMORPG RuneScape. The race has been completly wiped out, as of a [event.] The last known Naragi was a god named Guthix. Guthix impaled the god who attacked his homeworld, Skargaroth.

Assaination of GuthixEdit

The major event happend when the person Orlando Smith discovered a cave outside a nearby town named Ardoughn. The player (Who will, as of now, be refered to as "Owen") soon came along as assisted Orlando in discovering what was within the cave. After discovering some artifacts, the two pressed forward and found a butterfly shaped object. Owen then removed the object from it's place, and an alarm went off. 3 robot-like creatures, called the Automations, came through the walls and warned the two to leave, claiming them to be a deadly, near extinct race called the Mahjaarat. Orlando refused to leave, and as a result, the automations killed him. Owen begged the autmations to stop and assured them that he was human. However, they wouldn't listen, so Owen had to fight them. After the three of them died, a shadowy figure appeared near the next door. After tricking Owen into thinking he was Guthix, he revealed himself for who he actually was-a Mahjaarat named Sliske. Sliske explained that the automations were set off by his presence, but the butterfly set off an alarm that literally woke the spirit of the world (Anima Mundia). Sliske showed Owen that the alarm did only set off the world, but triggered various other god's commanders. Sliske then told Owen that he had two choices-Stay and fight, possibly die but discover where the cave leads to, or run and save himself the trouble. Owen stays, and the first of the commanders arrive-Commander Zylana, a commander for the god of order, Saradomin, Kree'arra, a commander of the god of avians and justice, Armadyl, and soon afterwards, K'ril Tsutsaroth, a commander of the god of chaos and destrucion, Zamorak. K'ril smashes through everything is his path, and Zylana chases him, leaving Owen alone with Kree'arra. Kree'arra warns Owen to leave, or otherwise he will have to kill him. Owen refuses and the two fight. Kree'arra is defeated, and leaves, and Owen continues down the cave. K'ril and Zylana are seen in the next room, unable to open a door. The two momentatly leave, letting Owen open the door with a puzzle in the middle of the room. Guthix's gurdians, literally called the Gurdians of Guthix, come in and assist Owen by activating it. Owen then completes the puzzle, and the group progresses forward. They then enter a room, and Owen goes to the altar in the back. After solving a various questions, Owen is then dubbed one of the gurdians. Suddenly, 4 of the walls in the room break down, and 4 armies break in. After Owen assembles each group of fighters and defeates all four (One of them is K'ril), he enters the middle room to find a complete warzone. Zylana's troops have attack the middle room, and Owen must fend them off. After Zylana kills the leader of the Automations, Cress, five of the some of the most powerful beings on the planet walk in, and tell Zylana off. Owen must choose to follow the 5 being's god (Who's name is Zaros), Guthix and his gurdians, or Zylana and Saradomin. Regardless of his choice, they go deeper into the cave, and find a sleepy Guthix at the end. Right before Owen can fend off the troops attacking Guthix, Sliske appears and kills Guthix with an elder-god weapon. Guthix, still barly alive, shows the player his home world. Guthix then lays down onto a stone bed, and dies. Back on earth (Or, in this case, Gielenor), the gurdians explain to Owen that a war is coming, and there is no time to mourn. Suddenly, the very god Saradomin appears. After a bit of talking, the event ends, and the 6th age of Runescape begins.

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