Big Chill (Omniverse)
General Information
Homeworld Kylmyys(native)
Habitat Arctic
Skin Colors Blue (Kylmyys) or bluish-white (Mykdl'dy) with black markings.
Locomotion Bipedal and Flight
Diet Metal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ben 10 Universe

Necrofriggians are a genderless species of moth-like sapient beings with ghostly powers, they are natives to the planet Kylmyys and a few live on Mykdl'dy and are preyed upon by Psycholeopterrans.

Appearance and Biology Edit

The Necrofriggian is a humanoid moth with a blue (Big Chill) or white (inhabitants of Mykdl'dy) exoskeleton and a massive wing span with black markings. This species has the physical capability to fold their wings and antennas into a cloaked appearance, which looks reminiscent to the depictions of phantoms. When they take flight, their wings and antennas unfold, revealing their bodies. Their physical structure has similarities with a well-built human and a skull-like head. Necrofriggians from Kylmyys have blue skin and green eyes, Necrofriggians from Mykdl'dy have bluish-white skin and light blue eyes.

Despite the adaptation to cold environments, the Necrofriggans have the curious ability to withstand extreme heat too: during their reproduction cycle, they are able to ingest even hot metal right from a smelting cauldron. They asexually reproduce once every eighty years: the first stage of their reproductive cycle is a sort of hunger state in which they devour anything metal; then, they build a nest with the digested metal in which they lay their eggs. Once the eggs hatch, their offspring fly off into space to feed on solar plasma.

Abilities Edit

They possess ghost like abilities. They also have the ability to fly with the assistance of their wings, and make very little effort of actually flapping them. They can also become intangible when they want to go through obstacles, enemies or avoid weapon fire. They also breath vapors of cold air to immobilize their opponents or phase through them and freeze internally. Despite their frail appearance they are incredibly strong.


They are more muscular and slightly taller, a body frame of a Neanderthal and designs remains the same.

Ultimatrix EvolutionEdit

Using the Ultimatrix evolutionary feature,Necrofriggian changes their usual blue color to red. their wings now have a design that makes them look like they are on fire. they can still make his wings and antennae fold into a cloak.

they can still become intangible, manipulate ice, and fly. Instead of breathing ice, they can create "ice flames". These flames shoot and when it hits a person it freezes and turns to blue.
Ultimate Big Chill Necrofriggian