The Nekross King, Varg and Lexi looking at a hologram of Nekron.

Nekron is a planet in the Korbol Galaxy and is the home planet of the Nekross.

It was ruled by The Nekross King but he, his son Varg, daughter Lexi and several other Nekross left to search planets for their food source: Magic. Whilst they where away, the planet was ruled by Chancellor Kooth who was secretly conspiring with her son Jathro to overthrow the Royals and become Nekron's permanent ruler. But this failed and Kooth was eaten alive by the King. Afterwards, the King retired and Varg became King Regent and married a female Nekross named Lady Lyzera who became Queen Regent. It is currently unknown who is ruling Nekron at the moment as Varg along with Lyzera is continuing to find Magic.

Known RulersEdit

  • The Nekross King (formally)
  • Chancellor Kooth (temporally) (Deceased)
  • Varg (currently)
  • Lady Lyzera (currently)

Known InhabitantsEdit

  • Nekross

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