The Nekross are an alien race from the planet Nekron in the Korbol Galaxy and their food source is Magic and due to this, they are immune to magical attacks (though two wizards The Archmage of Sirius 12 and Jackson Hawke's Magic have been able to effect them). A group of Nekross led by The Nekross King and his children Varg and Lexi travelled the universe in their spaceship, The Zarantulus seeking out any anything or anyone with magic and taking it. From the Fighting Snakes Nebula to the Black Eye of the Phantom Galaxy, they have extracted magic from every enchanted planet, except one: Earth as there is one person standing in their way, a teenage wizard named Tom Clarke who along with his family and friends does whatever it takes to protect Earth's magic. The Nekross once sent a Grazlax after Tom, but it along with the other Grazlaa it produced were defeated when Tom along with his friend Benny Sherwood destroyed them by playing a violin (as Grazlaa can be defeated by high pitched noises).

Most recently, Varg has stared leading the Nekross along with his wife Lady Lyzera due to his father's retirement after it was discovered that he kept Magic for himself and gave the other Nekross only scraps.


Nekross are roughly the size of the average human and have two antenna (some members of the race have an eye and a mouth on them). They also come in many colours: brownish-gold, red, whitish-blue and violet.

Nekross attire comes in different types from blue armor, orange and blue robes to purple and gold dress.


The Nekross have a machine on the Zarantulus called The Extractor which they use to drain a wizard of their magic but in doing so ages the wizard.

They also use Form Filters (which can be worn around the neck or wrist) that allows them to take a human form.

Nekross can also use devices called Voolox which they use to possess and control humans. Voolox can turn invisible and can shoot with fire arms but when it is removed, the person they were controlling doesn't remember what happend.

Most recently, the Nekross have used Trackerbugs, small bug sized devices that can track a wizard, latch onto them and teleport them to the Zarantulus.

Notable IndividualsEdit

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