The Neptunians are a highly advanced civilization from the planet Neptune. They appear as small, lean, fragile humanoids with large insectile eyes, and bear some similarities to the typical Greys. The Neptunians have hypnotic abilities and are known to enslave other species to work for them, as they abhor working.

They were initially hostile towards the United Galactic Organization worlds (Earth, Mars and Venus) as they consider themselves a superior species. They later agreed to join the UGO and replace their slave workers with robots, but even then continued to elaborate devious schemes to force the other worlds to send them slaves, as they prefer using slave work to robot work.


  • Space Patrol (1963 - 64):
    • Ep.04 - "Slaves of Neptune"
    • Ep.23 - "The Cloud of Death"
    • Ep.24 - "The Planet of Thought"
    • Ep.30 - "The Telepathic Robot"
    • Ep.31 - "Deadly Whirlwind"
    • Ep.36 - "Forcefield X"

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