New Kyabetsu is a Planet located in Shofixti space from the early to mid 22nd Century.


Prior to the 22nd century the Shofixti did not control a region of space yet until the Yehat came and uplifted them. The shofixti are actually the Second newest space faring race, With only the Ancient Slylandro and there newly aquiered Blue colored Kohr-Ah Marauder ships from the Umgah. So they are the among the least technologically advanced of the space faring races. So the Shofixti are very economically poor and do not have a Space station/starbase in the game. Although they are also richer than the Slylandro becasue they have a sphere of influence and other significant traits of status than the newly space faring Slylandro race. Unlike Old Kyabetsu which is located in Delta Gorno, New Kyabetsu is located in the Beta Gorno star system. In the 2160s the leader of the Shofixti Colony on Kyabetsu was Hiruku. In the full game of this star control game this New Kyabetsu is actually middle Kyabetsu becasue in the full game the Shofixti do finally find a new home world.

Kyabetsu and its moon

This is the planet New Kyabetsu and its moon.

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