New Namek
Universe Dragon Ball Universe
Class Terrestrial
Atmosphere Breathable
Primary Terrain Meadows, Large Oceans
Notable Species Namekians

New Namek is the new home of the Namekian people after the destruction of their homeworld, Namek. When their beautiful and wondrous planet was destroyed by the Frieza's race Frieza. While many Namekians survived (though few in comparison to how many there were recently before the genocide), they were now without a planet to call their own. Sympathetic to their cause, a human named Bulma used her family's massive technological prowess to locate a random planet, which she then used their company to make a few adjustments to in order to make it look just like the original. The Namekian immigrants named it New Namek, in obvious dedication to their lost world.

Eventually, Frieza's older brother Cooler attempts to drain New Namek of its energy and use the Namekians as fuel for his nefarious deeds. However, he is destroyed, and New Namek is safe once more. No other known attacks occur with it.

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