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General Information
Homeworld Cholganna
Body Type Lizard like
Height 0.9 meters
Length 4.5 meters
Locomotion Movement using four legs
Top Speed Very Fast
Diet Carnivorous
Sapience Level Non-sapient
Behavior Very Dangerous
Behind the Scenes
Universe Star Wars

Nexus are non-sapient predators native to planet Cholganna. With approximately 4.5 meters in length, including their long thin tail, and 1 meter in height, Nexus have a large mouth full of sharp teeth. They are agile and fearsome hunters, being able to climb trees and chase down Arboreal Octopi in the forests of their home planet. Nexus have four eyes, and are able to see infrared light. Their body is covered in fur, and they also have spikes on their back, likely for defense.

History Edit

A Nexu was in a Geonosis arena with a Reek and a Acklay. to kill Padme Amidala. Although the beast was able to scratch the former queen but the young woman managed to put down the Nexu. The Reek controlled by Anakin Skywalker then charged on the wild predator and knocked him down with a powerful horn and killed him.

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