The Nharwaak were a race of brown-skinned, black-eyed, head-tailed mammalian humanoids that were one of the two predominant civilizations found on Mylok IV. Together with their neighbors, the Habeen, the Nharwaak developed a small hyperdrive system that could enable a TIE Fighter to have supralight capabilities. The Nharwaak population, however, was decidedly against selling the technology to the Empire, during the weeks that followed the Battle of Hoth. A number of battles erupted in the Mylok System as Imperial forces led by Admiral Zaarin tried to obtain the hyperdrive technology. When the Habeen sold the technology to the Empire, the Nharwaaks attempted to get the technology to the Alliance, but their intentions were discovered by the Imperials, and the Nharwaak fleet was destroyed. Although the Empire claimed victory, the Nharwaak were able to regroup and launch a reprisal attack on a Habeen base.

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