Anunnaki (Fallen Angel)

The planet or possibly a un-ignited proto-star Nibiru is the homeworld of or possibly a colony of the Anunnaki race as well with them also theorized to come from the Pleiades considering they were reported to look like Humans but only taller than normal humans. The Hebrew religion never names this race it simply calls them "Giants", but tries to distinguish them from the Nephilim which were other giants. However in the Greeco-Roman mythology it makes mentioning of two races the Giants and the Titans that were both human apearing and taller than Humans. In the Norse mythology there race was called Elves as well as Valkyries .  

The Anunnaki of Nibiru and the Nephilim of Canaan are identical these two races are generally acepted to be one and the same. the Father side of the Anunnaki were the Anu deity people and the motherside was Human women just like the Fathers side of the Nephilim were the Eloheem race led by there god Yahweh which was distinct from the Human womens god of Jehovah. eventually Yahweh was angry with the Angels like Anu , Samuel and many others for messing with Human women and were cast out to either Antarctica on earth or the Pleiades or even Nibiru.  

There's also the counter belief that possibly the Nephilim in some version of the Hebrew scripture that the Nephilim are the half-breed race of children of the Anunnaki and not a separate account of a similar race entirely. If this is true than this means that The Anunnaki, Nephilim and Titans were slightly a separate race than the Norse Aliens, Pleiadean and Human being related to both as well as being inter-breedable with.  

These accounts of Anunnaki and Nibiru are based in ancient Mesopotamian and Hebrew religions as well as the Titans and Fallen Angels from later mythologies. Although these accounts date back to the 2000s BC and the 1000s BC, according to all of these scriptures the Aliens come to earth around 4,000 BC and start a war known as "the War of the Gods". In fact, the Anunnakis are fallen angels who have returned to earth after their fall from war with God in the past. They were able to increase in size, as well as the telekinesis of creating wings and obtaining enlightened bodies, telepathy and transmorphism, could become anything. Although the transmorhism was never observed it is known that they were telepathic and could communicate this way to Earthlings across space such as when they contacted Billy Meir.  The war of the gods was 4004 BC acording to the hebrew and Judeo-Christian mythology. The thing is 4004 BC was long before 16,000 BC when the Bimwiwi sunken ruins were built and eventually destoryed. this early Alantis was much more earlier than the 4004 Atlantis of the town of tarantium which was just outside of the straight of gibralter juust like the author of the atlanits said it was going to be, and the greeks said about it in clasical Greece. its possible that the war of the gods led to the Pleidieans expulsion to the Pleides and Aldbaran and Nibiru led to them being further out from the Earth  for instance Nibiru is not located in the Solarsystem its located in the Outer Solar System there are only 10 full on Dwarf planets or Planets the 8 main ones and Ceres and Pluto. Theres biright spots on Ceres these could either be cities of one of the local group races as opposed to the Pliedeians. and the local group of 3 aliean species the 1 good Greys the ones from either Ophiuchus or Sagitarius , 2 the bad greys The Zeta Reticuli Binary Star. , and 3 The Earthling Humans. no one knows who built these pre-historic places like Bimini or Tarantus but if anythings clear it was probablely the usual ones that would have built them the Fallen Angels because even Tarantus is substanical far from the local group of 3 civilizations the Greco roman and the Hebrew and Summerian. they also get explells to Tarantus but then the Fallen Angels died out on Earth becasue they lived in the sunken cities and could not get out and then reform other super high tech places still carrying on in a eventual to be discovered sunken city. 

After 4004 BC with the Anunaki / Nephilil / Titans / Fallen angels being explelled to Nibiru and the Taurus constellation they are far from the action. Nibiru takes 3600 years to go around the sun but Nemesis takes 12,000 or more becasue Sedna takes 12,000 years to go around the Sun and its orbiting something out there in the Sednoidian Asteriod belt just beyond the scattered disk and just befor the Oort Cloud of long period comets that take thousands of years to orbit the Earth. all of which are in the Outer Solar System and with out advanced fusion drives and technology your not going to be able to see the earth for a long time in 40 or 50 years to reach Earth. It takes a convention probe about 50 years to tavel these distances but in 50 years a probe going 10 percent the speed of light could reach the Sednoidan belt in months or a few years alpha centauri in 43 years and would be fractions of light years beyond .  Alpha centari has two sunlike stars and a red dwarf companion Proxima Centuari which orbits AC every 80 million years , Proima is in the Outer Solar System of the Alpha Centauri binary sytem.  if there are earthlike planets near these earth like stars we Earlings might find bases of the local group of species there.


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Crash with TiamatEdit

At the time before Nibiru entered our solar system, the legends maintain that our planet Earth (called Tiamat to the ancient Babylonians) was almost twice as large and had a different orbit than today. The planet Nibiru came in on its highly unusual orbit, and a moon orbiting it impacted in the pacific ocean, apparently destroying an entire continent. Although we have never found evidence of that continent's existence, some believe this to be how the Moon was created, because scientists are certain the Moon was formed by the Earth. The resulting displacement of crust around that area of impact (and some in other parts of the planet, no doubt) made earth much smaller than it is today. The knowledge of this event apparently came to the ancient peoples thousands of years after the fact due to the spirits of their dead Anunnakian gods that died on earth during the War of the Gods. although in some versions of the Annunaki legends they revisited the earth after the War in Heaven and then help build up Mesopotamian civilization directly instead of just the spirits of Anunnaki helping the ancient Mesopotamians.


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