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Nkllon approach
Nkllon was a small, mineral rich, harsh world in the Athega system. Its surface was covered in plains of searing rock, impact craters and volcanic features.


The crust of the planet was rich in the minerals hfredium, kammris and dolovite; metals vital in construction of starships. Mining operations were previously impossible in the planet however, as Nkllon was bathed in lethal radiation from its small orbit around the system's star during the day, but Lando Calrissian took a gamble at an operation to mine Nkllon. Using a giant mobile mining complex called Nomad City, the operation could be carried out permanently during the night time, with ships visiting the system being protected by giant, super-cooled radiation umbrella vessels called shieldships.

Grand Admiral Thrawn raided Nomad City twice. The first raid was to steal its complement of mole miners to use during his assault on Sluis Van. He succeeded in capturing just over half of them. In the second raid, he stole millions of credits and stockpiles of resources but damaged Nomad City beyond repair. The workers were evacuated, but Nomad City was utterly destroyed by the intense radiation of Nkllon's daytime.

Behind the scenesEdit

Nkllon was named by author Timothy Zahn after a fan, Klon Newell.


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