The Noehons were a race of quadribrachial insectoids from the planet Noe'ha'on. The Noehons have a savage culture. They stand on two legs, and they were covered with bristly hairs. The eyes of a Noehon were multi-faceted, with each facet having a specific range of vision. Some facets were used for detailed analysis, while others were for detecting motion. They exude a strong scent from glands in their cheeks, and use this scent to mark their territory. A pair of strong mandibles surrounds the Noehon mouth. They were excellent climbers. The Noehon race was obsessed with order and discipline, and were focused on maintaining hierarchies in their society. Their family groups were known as Welds, and consist of a dominant, alpha male ruling up to fifty females. The females have their own hierarchy. This hierarchical society leads many off-world Noehons into the slave trade. It had also led to a large amount of fighting for position in the overall society. The Noehons never achieved a high level of technology, and were planet-bound when they were discovered by the Old Republic.

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