Nomads are advanced Robotic scouts based on 20th century and 21st century space exploration robot probing techniques but using faster than light tech from the 22nd century. Deployed at some point by the 3400s AD 35th century or 1's AE time or AE first century. Part of Nomad space extends and overlaps on Mechans space. Mechans are also man made creations but these two robots are completely different races when encountered in the 4620s AD/AE. a AE calender year is 360 days so the Fully AD year would actually be 4636 AROUND April 1. instead of 4620  Around January 1.
Nomad Probe

A picture of a Nomad probe being scanned.

Places to find themEdit

Please note that traveling to any region that include Nomad probes that when you talk to them they all give the same exact six planets in varius parts of the Local quadrant. There is one notable place in the local quadrant to find these probes one is In the south west or Coreward downspin quadrant of Mechan space.


There primary function is to scan the universe for interesting planets of some value weather mineral worlds or life worlds for human colonization. They offer many different planets when encountered and they even give every planet a robotic sounding name. Theres 800 or more planets on the game but your mission in the game is to at least destroy 2 of these planets to win the game.Neither of these two planets are mentioned by the Nomad race. They do mention a world that has a Velox Probe guarding it. The nomads are very different in behavior then there Mechan cousins the nomads do not posses any artificial intelligence. and thus they have no conversation skills, they have a repeating list of planets to report about there's only 6 planets in particular there from 6 different star systems which will also contain other additional planets to explore when you travel to these planets when you get there.

Diffrences from there mechan cousinsEdit

if the nomads and the Mechans could be compared to there creators the humans. The Mechans would be like early archaic humans child-like but talkative if you can become friends. The nomads are like the Neanderthals they cant understand language at all and only grunt off there pre- programed reports.  The Mechans can tell you all about something like a planet and why its important but all a nomad can do is tell you where a planet is and what it thinks is there based on its long range scans. Its for these reason that Nomad probes are considered Spacecraft rather than a Starflight race.


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