Norfair is a region of the Zebes underground consisting of a large network of volcanic caverns. It is located deep below the planet's surface, sitting beneath Lower Brinstar and Maridia.


The Norfair region is one of the most hostile environments on Zebes, inhabited only by creatures that have either adapted to the harsh conditions of the fiery caverns or are properly equipped to traverse through the more dangerous areas, with the latter mostly consisting of Space Pirates. Consequently, the creatures that inhabit Norfair are equally dangerous, due to them having developed various traits to survive, such as heat-resistant armor or the ability to generate bursts of fire. Because most, if not all, areas in this region are dangerously hot, it is impossible to explore without some form of protection from the searing heat, like the Varia Suit.

Norfair is divided into two sections; the main areas and a Space Pirate base, also known as Ridley's Hideout. The main areas of Norfair range from caves and tunnels with pools of magma and a strange area in the northeast that appears to be made of a mass of slime. In some places, there are sparse facilities and machinery, presumably used as listening posts by the Space Pirates.

Ridley's LairEdit

Beneath the main area of Norfair is a large Space Pirate base built within what appears to be ancient Chozo ruins. This area is the home of the Space Pirate commander, Ridley, as well as his base of operations. The base is protected by a huge variety of environmental hazards, including flame jets, spikes, and rooms flooded with a lethal acid. Of course, Space Pirate soldiers are plentiful here, including the infamous "Ninja Pirate" duo.


  • Metroid (First appearance)
  • Metroid: Zero Mission
  • Super Metroid

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