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The Nuiwit were a race of quadrupedal reptiles native to the planet Roti-Ow XIV. They were often referred to as Altorian Lizards, and they were somewhat smaller than the Avogwi, and can walk on their hind legs for short periods of time. They have long bodies covered with horny scales, and their eyes protrude from their heads on short stalks. An unusual aspect of their physiology was their tubular tongue, which was prehensile and was tipped by tough conical spikes. While the Avogwi were carnivorous, the Nuiwit were herbivorous. They were also cold-blooded. The Nuiwit were pacifists by nature, and have a highly-structured society. Despite all these differences, scholars believe that the two races descended from a common ancestor. Like the Avogwi, the Nuiwit dislike technology.

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