Ark roose
General Information
Homeworld Sump
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behavior Will often only think within the short term rather then the long term
Language Nuknog
Status Vulnerable
Behind the Scenes
Universe Star Wars Universe

The Nuknogs were an unusual race of reptiloids native to the planet Sump. They were easily distinguished by their unusual skulls. The top of a Nuknog's head was dominated by a spined frill, while its jaws were set well below and in front of the cranium. Each node of the frill was filled with fat, which was stored for periods when food was scarce.

Nuknog UAA
As a people, the Nuknogs were known for their greed and their amorality, and many other beings believed that the Nuknogs were one of the most selfish races in the galaxy. Nearly a millennium before the Battle of Yavin, the Nuknog race literally sold their homeworld to a consortium of unscrupulous businessbeings in exchange for jobs, food, and accommodations. What they got were leftover rations, prefabricated barracks, and generations of indentured and unpaid labor. After several centuries, the Old Republic tried to intervene, shutting down the businesses and ordering hundreds of years of back wages to be paid. Eventually, Sump was returned to the Nuknog people, and the Old Republic began a series of relief missions to Sump, bringing food and supplies to help the beleaguered Nuknogs. However, the Nuknogs feared that the Republic was going to be just as unscrupulous as their former masters. Rather than accepting the relief efforts at face value, they simply took the supplies and then blamed the Republic for "stealing the only life they ever had." The Nuknog leaders then demanded food and supplies be delivered for free in perpetuity, a request which the Republic flatly denied.

Notable MembersEdit

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