Null Species

The Jedgar impersonator towering over Trioculus and Grand Moff Hissa.

The Nulls were tall Near-Humans who inhabited the planet of Null. They had a culture of hunters and tourists. Their planet became part of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, although much of the populace had a great respect for Jedi.

Following the Battle of Endor, a Null Imperial Intelligence agent was employed by the Church of the Dark Side as an imitator of the Emperor's Mage Jedgar, an imposingly tall Human who matched Nulls in height.

Appearances Edit

  • Legacy of the Jedi
  • The Lost City of the Jedi (First appearance) (Retcon)
  • Mission from Mount Yoda (Retcon)
  • Prophets of the Dark Side (Retcon)

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