Null Guardian
Null Guardians UA
General Information
Homeworld Null Void
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ben 10 Universe
Created by Azmuth

Null Guardians are artificial creatures that are native to the Null Void.


Null Guardians have no eyes, legs or arms and instead they have tendrils coming from their lower body which they use as limbs. They look somewhat like Vulpimancers with tentacles hanging from the undersides and wings. They are capable of firing red lasers from their mouth and flying.


Galvans created the Null Void as a prison for their criminals, and created the Null Guardians to protect alien colonist from violent criminals, in a way the Null Guardians could be considered the prison guards or "guardian angels" of the Null Void. Null Guardians can be used to ride and can be easily tamed as shown by Vilgax and Kevin 11 in Back With a Vengeance.
Null Guardians


  • The pop-up version of Back With a Vengeance declared that their species was named "Nullvoiders" and that they were the only indigenous lifeforms in the Null Void. But this has been retconned.

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