The Nyriaanans were the near-Human natives of the planet Nyriaan, in the Mid Rim.

Society and cultureEdit

Over the years, the Nyriaanans had became adapted to life on Nyriaan and had became stocky in stature, with pale skin and eyes that were suited to Nyriaan's dim light. However, there was a degree of variety of body types between members of the various different clans and tribal groups.

The Nyriaanans lived in clans and there were hundreds of different clans across the world. Some of the clans were nomadic, while others settled in groves of meadlin's trees. They were distrustful of offworlders, who they viewed as competitors for Nyriaan's resources, and in particular, despised the various corporate interests on the planet. The Nyriaanans did not possess much technology, but continued to maintain and utilize the technology of their ancestors, while adopting new technology when it became available to them. They spoke Nyriaanan, which was a mixture of Basic and High Galactic.


In 4,067 BBY, the Republic exploration starship Starveil crashed on Nyriaan. Fifty two members of the crew survived the crash and became the first native Nyriaanans. Over the millennia, they increased in number, while the survivors from other starships also added to their population.

In 47 BBY, following the Corporate Sector Authority-sponsored liquidation of a settlement on Nyriaan, the Nyriaanans staged an uprising against outsiders on the world. They wiped out a number of frontier settlements and peace was eventually restored in 43 BBY, when the Jedi Knight Amar Cross negotiated a non-aggression pact. During his time on Nyriaan, Cross became enamored with the Nyriaanans and decided to stay and live with them.

The natives rose up again in 36 BBY, when the CSA prospected on their land, in breech of an agreement. The Galactic Senate responded by passing the Luire Accord, to try and resolve tensions on Nyriaan once and for all. The accord established a new government for the planet, the Nyriaan Concord. Cross became the leader of the native delegation to the Concord, but he found it to be corrupt and ill-prepared. He left in disgust and traveled to the unexplored regions of Nyriaan, accompanied by a large number of the natives.

During the Clone Wars, Nyriaan fell into the hands of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Without the restrictions that had been placed on them by the Republic, the CSA and the Mining Guild both expanded their operations and began exploiting land owned by the Nyriaanans The natives resisted violently, and were assisted by the remnants of the Republic forces.

Nyriaans captured by the Yuuzhan Vong in 26 ABY, as part of the Yuuzhan Vong. The Vong originally ignored the native clans, but when they began using captured natives for experiments, the natives initiated a guerrilla war, to try and drive the invaders out. Following the defeat of the Vong in 29 BBY, a number of Yuuzhan Vong refugees settled on Nyriaan and were eventually accepted as equals by the native clans.

Following the formation of Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire in 130 ABY, several Jedi took refuge on Nyriaan and lived among the Nyriaanan clans.

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