A humanoid species, all male, who originated in the universe before this one, and who surivived through the Cosmic "Apocollapse" in city-sized homeships.

Nyronds appear human but have a tendency to wear dark-coloured (often black) clothes. They have disproportionately large noses (possibly an adaptation to various toxic atmospheres in their history) and are addicted to subterfuge and deceit.

They make their way through the galaxy on their constantly-moving homeships, visiting individual worlds on smaller smallships, to carry out complicated confidence tricks (coups, to them), apparently in the interests of maintaining galactic economic stability by transferring wealth from rich planets to the First Interstellar Bank of Margaum, which then uses the money in various charitable and philanthropic ways to benefit less-well-off worlds.

Nyronds have no government as such -- they exist in competitive anarchy on each homeship, but in practice accept that younger members give deference to the older, from among whom titular positions, such as Librarian, Launch Bay Supervisor and Shield Supervisor, are drawn, who them train younger Nyronds to succeed them in one or another role.

Origin: passim in the works of Zander Nyrond, filker, author, and philanthropist

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