General Information
Homeworld Yavaun
Height Roughly Human
Diet Unknown
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe War Wind Universe

The Obblinox are a race from the planet Yavaun.

History Edit

A thousand years ago the Obblinox were enslaved by another species native to their homeworld, the Tha' Roon. They were used by the serpent-like race as shock troops to enforce order in the Tha' Roon Empire. Eventually the Obblinox tired of the servitude revolted. Their rebellion incited another dissident movement by the Eaggra and incited the First War of Yavaun.

Biology Edit

The Obblinox resemble orange skinned elephantine on three legs. They possess bulky skin, and though they seem reptillian, they are not, but actually a race of silicon-based lifeforms.

Culture Edit

Obblinox was skilled in the ways of war due to their function in the collapsed Tha' Roon Empire. They are generally slow-witted, but are highly adept in the field of engineering and cybernetics. Obblinox society is matriarchal.

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