Octobot clay
General Information
Sapience Level Sapient
Subspecies/Races See below
Behind the Scenes
Universe Mother Universe
Created by Giygas

Octobots are a race of extraterrestrials, created by Giygas. They are similar to the Starmen in terms of powers, appearing as enemies throughout the game and their leader.



Octobot Sprite

Octobots are mainly composed of a sliver sphere with a visor and cone at front, in the centre. They also possess four tentacle-like parts.


  • MilitaryoctobotMilitary Octobot - A stronger version of the Octobot. It is blue.
  • Mechanical OctobotMechanical Octobot - An improved version of the Military Octobot. It is green.
  • UltimateOctobotUltimate Octobot - The strongest type in EarthBound. It is pink.
  • Return of OctobotReturn of Octobot - An enemy in Mother 3, modeled after the Ultimate Octobot. Its left side is silver whilst its right side is bronze. Two of the tentacles are silver, the other two are bronze.


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