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"Nasty things."
―Mr. Emerson
General Information
Habitat Subterranean
Diet Carnivorous
Sapience Level Sapient
Behavior Violent
Behind the Scenes
Universe American Chillers

The Octogores are a race of hostile spider-like aliens.


The Octogores resemble huge spiders (Virtually indistinguishable from Arachno-sapiens), they can grow to be as large as twenty feet in height, and can have legs as thick as telephone poles. They have black eyes, are egg-laying, and are web-weaving. Curiously they seem fully capable of speaking English.


Not much is known about the Octogore culture, but they seem to be hostile and invasive, and have a long-standing rivalry with the Arachno-sapience. It is clear that they have adept scientists, and do not have any taboos against slavery in their culture. They seem to be masters of interstellar travel, and perfected a poison that can turn humans into spiders.


The earliest known event in Octogore history was when they drove the Arachno-sapiens from their homeworld. They would then go on to attack the Arachno-sapiens adopted homeworld Earth.

They invaded the city of Saginaw, with the intent of converting the human population into spiders to serve as slaves. Thankfully they were stopped by a group of humans and Arachno-sapiens.


  • Octogores only appear in the ninth Michigan Chillers book "Sinister Spiders of Saginaw".

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