The Odenji were an aquatic race related to the Issori, and were also native to the planet Issor. The Odenji suffer from an intense sadness known as the melanncho, which was so strong it can make the sufferer go insane. The disease didn't affect the Issori, who came to be the dominant population on Issor. The Odenji differed from their cousins in several respects, mainly their breathing apparatus. Where the Issori had olfactory wrinkles in the place of a nose, the Odenji had four horizontal flaps of skin which provided the sense of smell. Their mouths were located beneath their chins, where the Issori mouth was located at the front of their face. After the devastating effect the melanncho had on their population, the Odenji allowed the Issori to manage their planetary colonies, but retained an equal representation within the Tribe of Odenji.

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