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Ogrums picking mushrooms

Ogrums are peaceful, vegetarian races of Quatros.

History Edit

One of the few primitive semi-sapient life-forms to exists, living a simple existence.

They were found by a parasitic brains and mutanted into troll warriors and others who are under the control of the brain parasites. So, they can destroyed Hero Factory.


Dim, docile and social living in pairs or groups. Long there is foods and remain not a threat, they'll simply won't harm anyone and go back to their activities.

Ogrum 2

Ogrum surprised

Ogrum 1

Ogrum picking mushrooms


They are vegetarians as eat mushrooms and other plant matters.

Mutated FormsEdit

With the parasitic brains, they become more barbaric and aggressive. 

Ogrum (mutated form)

Ogrum (mutated form)

Trivia Edit

  • They debut in Hero Factory: Brain Attack as mutanted minions, which they're being controlled by Brain Factory's parasitic brains.

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