In a dream, I was shown the following about the Omegans

They come from the centre of the earth, and can be found by travelling through tunnels. They prefer living within the earth, perhaps from Agartha. They are more spiritually advanced than our earth people, and are masters of alchemy. They have long interacted with us on the external surface of the earth, and through our interactions with them our civilisations have developed. We have learnt honour codes from them, we have learnt metaphysical knowledge from them, for many millennium. They are guardians of humanity, helpers that watch over and guide us. They are humanoid in appearance, but with different facial features, which I have now forgotten. They control our weather with their hands, thus they are like angels in their ability to manipulate matter. Thurs they have control our weather, and have used this to care for our environment for many millenia. They felt like a compassionate, honourable and helpful to earth species in my vision of them. I was given no name for their species, but shown that their symbol is the Omega symbol. As such, I refer to them as the Omegans.

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