The Omwati were a race of slender humanoids native to the planet Omwat. They were distinguished by their light blue skin and their feathery hair, and their wide, blue eyes gave them a look of amazed astonishment. Omwati children were extremely intelligent, and were capable of astounding mental feats at early ages.

Their civilization evolved with the basic premise that the Omwati were the only sapient species in the galaxy. Thus, their society was based on technological advancement that did not disrupt the natural environment in which they lived. This society was altered when Wilhuff Tarkin first discovered the planet Omwat. He left behind new forms of technology, but he hid the fact that a colony of Omwati lived on the planet Coruscant. Tarkin then kept the Omwati as his indentured laborers, using the best and brightest Omwati children for the development of super weapons. After the Battle of Endor, the New Republic eventually made contact with the Omwati, but only after the Omwati were given proof of the deaths of Tarkin and the Emperor.

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