Onaconda Farr
Biography Information
Homeworld Rodia
Species Rodian
Affiliation Galactic senate
Behind the Scenes
Universe Star Wars universe
"There are many loyal Senators confused as can be about this appointment, but you have to realize, regardless of his bluster and Palpatine-bashing, Farr is the perfect image of a loyalist. He hates the Separatists. He loves the Republic. And he's willing to do anything to preserve it."
―Dassid Whateel on Farr's appointment to the Loyalist Committee (HoloNet News Vol. 531 55

Onaconda Farr was a male Rodian from the planet Rodia and the corrupt Senator of the Savareen sector in the Galactic Senate during the latter years of the Galactic Republic. During the Separatist Crisis the senate began to debate the Military Creation Act, which would create an army for the Republic for the first time in a millennium. During the debate, Senator Farr became a strong Militarist and supporter of the Act. He was known as a watchdog against Separatist influences in the senate and was highly critical of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's Loyalist Committee, going so far as to claim it was a shadow government. After exposing Senator Havriso Looruya's Separatist ties, Farr was granted a position on the Loyalist Committee, an appointment that confused many members of the senate. Despite the appointment, he continued to be critical of the Chancellor's handling of the Separatist Crisis, claiming that Palpatine was following his own agenda to the detriment of the Republic.

In 22 BBY, the Separatist Crisis exploded into the Clone Wars, a galaxy-wide conflict between the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems Emergency Powers granted to Palpatine resulted in the creation of the Grand Army of the Republic without the Military Creation act ever coming to a vote. Farr was installed as the head of the Senate Action Subcommittee for Corellian Trade Spine Defense, a position he used for personal advancement. Around the beginning of the war, supplies en route to Farr's homeworld of Rodia became the repeated targets of pirates. After Rodia's pleas for assistance were consistently ignored by the Republic, Farr abandoned the senate and joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems. In exchange for much-needed supplies, Separatist Council member Nute Gunray demanded that Farr aid him in capturing the Rodian's long-time friend, Senator Padmé Amidala of Naboo. Amidala came to Rodia in order to aid in the supply crisis, but was instead imprisoned by Farr and Gunray's battle droid forces. After learning Gunray's plan to execute Amidala, Farr realized the error in his decision to join the Confederacy and turned on the Separatist leader. Farr then assisted Amidala and Associate Planetary Representative Jar Jar Binks in arresting Gunray and turning him over to Republic forces.

Following the incident with Gunray, Farr rejoined the senate. Shortly after, he and several other senators were taken hostage in the Republic Executive Building by a group of bounty hunters lead by Cad Bane. Bane used his hostages as leverage when negotiating the release of Ziro Desilijic Tiure, a Confederate ally that had been captured by the Republic earlier in the war. Bane accomplished his mission and escaped the Republic Executive Building before detonating a series of explosives intended to kill the hostage senators. Farr and the rest of the senators survived the assassination attempt through the efforts of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. In the wake of the attack, Farr returned to Rodia to find that the wildlife around a swamp on the planet was being killed. With the aid of Jedi Master Kit Fisto, he learned that the cause was a Confederate station under the command of Robonino, one of the bounty hunters who had aided Cad Bane on Coruscant. Later in the war, Farr's corrupt nature lead him to bribe follow member of the Senate Action Subcommittee for Corellian Trade Spine Defense, Senator Ronet Coorr, to reassign several Star Destroyers originally intended to be stationed over Duro. Coorr accepted Farr's bribe and the Star Destroyers instead ended up over Rodia. Duro later fell to the Confederacy and Farr and Coorr's culpability in the defeat was revealed, leading both to resign from the senate.

In 32 BBY, Farr, along with Senators Tikkes of Dac and Mot-Not Rab of Tarnab, attended to an unofficial audience organized by Senator Orn Free Taa of Ryloth. At that point, Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum had just finished a crisis and was suddenly accused of corruption. Taa admitted to have delayed the accusation because the situation at that point would allow the Senate to oust and replace Valorum, which was Taa's goal. Neither Farr or Rab openly supported Taa's scheme at that point.Cloak of Deception


Loyalist senatorEdit

{{Quote|It's shameful. He's trying to outtalk a fire consuming our worlds, or negotiate a dam from bursting. Why not just hand over the Republic to that mind-wizard? He's a fool if he thinks this cowardly misstep is going to blunt the Military Creation Act.|Onaconda Farr on Palpatine's negotiation methods|HoloNet News Vol. 531 48


Senator Farr, with his aides Pa Dua and Tox Don and by around 52 BBY, Bombad Jedi Senator Rodia and the rest of the Savareen sector

in the Galactic Senate of the Galactic Republic. He held residences in both the Senatorial Palace on Rodia and the Rodian Consulate on Coruscant, the The galaxy capital and headquarters of the Senate. Isard Spearheads Republic Intelligence Reform Senator Farr was a close family friend of Padmé Amidala, who affectionately referred to him as "Uncle Ono" from the time when Farr was the biggest ally of Amidala's father, Senator Ruwee Naberrie, in the Senate. Bombad Jedi He also had a brother and a sister.

In 33 BBY, when the Yinchorri began a campaign to attack and conquer settlements near the planet of Yinchorr, Farr was a large supporter of Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum and his actions. Valorum sent a team of Jedi to Yinchorr to negotiate peace, but were only met with continued hostility, and a military garrison was later placed on the planet. JCAOW Jedi Council: Acts of War

In 24 BBY, a variety of planets and corporations began to withdraw from the Senate in protest of the growing power of the government, beginning the Separatist Crisis. Farr was very critical of then Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's handling of the crisis, often accusing him of following his own agenda to the detriment of the Republic. Because of the crisis, the Senate began to discuss the Military Creation Act, which would create an army for the Republic. During the discussion, Farr remained a Militarist, a proponent of the Act. The Rodian senator objected to Palpatine's attempts to negotiate directly with the leader of the Separatist Movement, Count Dooku, believing that the talks would accomplish nothing and blunt the Military Creation Act. Palpatine to Separatists: Farr also expressed criticism when Palpatine created the Loyalist Committee, a ten-senator advisory body to the Supreme Chancellor that would also negotiate with the Separatists, saying that the body was made up of Palpatine's political allies and was another attempt to weaken the Military Creation Act. Palpatine forms Loyalist Committee Later, when Palpatine and the Loyalist Committee formed the covert investigative agency known as the Senate Bureau of Intelligence, Farr once again criticized Palpatine, saying that the Chancellor was using the committee and the bureau to increase his power.

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