Universe Outer Terrestrial Creatures Universe
Homeworld Unknown
Average Height Unspecified
Diet Unknown
Language Unknown
Sapience Level Unknown
Subspecies A few coloration variants

Ooggies are strange, large-headed extraterrestrial bipeds of strigoid of unknown planetary origin which are known best for their clumsiness. Like a Human child, they will often fall face-forward and because of their relatively-spherical head, they often end up landing on their back. They are covered in either feathers or scales, likely to reduce injury from falling over, and their face is centerpieced with a proboscis. Five spines also protect the back of the head, likely from potential predators while brow-horns extend from the front of the face, as well, likely also for defense. They also possess a pair of very large eyes, indicating that they are a nocturnal species or originate from a world with low light levels. At least two skin tone variations are known. These are a white and blue hue and a pink hue. It is unknown if these may be gender differentiations, subspecies, simple color variation, tones switched out during alternate seasons, or any other potential reason.

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