Orthopox 14

Orthopox 14 on the Throne.

After Pox and Crypto get back to their homeworld, Pox demands a new body. so they gather a fresh supply of clone jelly after helping two other Furons. After Pox comes out of the cloning machine with his own "winky" he has one error - He has a Monkey's body. Crypto immediately thinks of this as being hilarious, while Pox tries to commit suicide a few times due to the humiliation. 

Despite this issue, Orthopox helps Crypto create a distraction by starting a human riot in the artificial human habitat. As the riot continues, Crypto and Pox regain entry into the palace and Crypto confronts Emperor Meningitis - overcoming his defences and defeating him. As Crypto tries to interrogate him, the Emperor disintegrates into dust due to old age. As the Master appears from the Jade Talisman Crypto inherited from him, he revealed that he was the conspirator all along - all for the purpose of overthrowing Emperor Meningitis so he could take the throne. However, following an order from an enraged Crypto, Orthopox smashes the Master against the wall - killing him.

Following the death of the Emperor and the Master, Crypto had doubts about what to do upon discovering that his mission was a sham. Orthopox managed to motivate Crypto by telling him that there would always be reason to go out and destroy humanity. Orthopox then took a seat at the empty throne - becoming the new Emperor, and bid farewell to Crypto, who guaranteed they would meet ten years later. Orthopox was cheered by the masses who rushed into the palace.

It's most likely that since Orthopox is now the Emperor, he will make a fixed clone of himself.

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