Galaxy Milky Way
Region Constellation Perseus
System JD 9802-8 System
Suns JD 9802-8
Moons None
Class Terrestrial
Diameter 14,103 km
Primary terrain Ocean, desert, forest
Immigrated species Terragens

Labyrinth Builders (formerly)

Behind the Scenes
Universe Orion's Arm
Creator Steve Bowers

Oshiq is a garden world gradually becoming uninhabitable in the Orion's Arm universe.[1]

Etymology Edit

In real life, the planet was named by a woman named Mary Denley.[1] What meaning, if any, Oshiq has is not explained however.

In Uzbek language, oshiq means amorous, enamoured or minstrel.

Physical characteristics Edit

Within the Orion's Arm glossary, Oshiq is a postgaian world, a planet with an indegenous, mature biosphere that is gradually becoming drier as its primary star begins to leave the main sequence.

The average temperature of its oceans is around 47 ºC. This results in greater portions of water being evaporated, to be later condensed in orogenic rainfall. The intensity of these rains can be compared to the monsoon-seasons on Earth. Some water does not condense and escapes into space, where it is dissociated into hydrogen and oxygen.

Biosphere Edit

Life in Oshiq emerged 2 billion years before present, when the primary star was 15% cooler, and diversified through natural evolution for the following billion years.

Until 10 million years ago, the climate was comfortable for human habitation. Oshiq began to become more arid by this time, and the sea level eventually fell 100 meters.

The vast majority of firm land is now barren desert, but not without some persistent plant life. During daytime, their leaves are hermetically sealed to avoid damage from hot air. Chlorophylls A and B are used primarily for photosynthesis, with xanthophylls being a rarer option.

References Edit

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