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Osmos V

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Osmos V
Universe Ben 10 Universe
Galaxy Milky Way
Primary Terrain
Notable Species Osmosians

Osmos V was the supposed home planet of the Osmosians.

Ultimate AlienEdit

Osmos V was first mentioned in Escape From Aggregor, Aggregor told Bivalvan, Andreas, Galapagus, P'andor and Ra'ad that he had built a machine on his home planet to let him absorb all of their powers and that they were heading there before the aliens escaped to Earth.

In Ultimate Aggregor, Osmos V was mentioned again by Aggregor when he was ready to leave Earth, he told his robots to make a jump to Osmos V. When Aggregor was about to absorb the aliens, he told Ben's Team that he intended to take them to Osmos V.


  • According to Dwayne:
    • Osmos V is the fifth planet of its sun, Osmos.
    • Kevin has never been to Osmos V.
  • In Ultimate Aggregor, it was confirmed that Osmos V is Aggregor's home planet.
  • As Aggregor was traveling from Aldabra to Osmos V, he passed Earth. This might mean that Osmos V is further away from Aldabra than Earth.
  • In The Rooters of All Evil, it was revealed that the planet never existed. It was made up by Proctor Servantis.

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