The Oubliette is an Alimbic spacecraft that was created to be resting place of the Seal Sphere, a powerful artifact and the prison of the vicious scourge, Gorea. The Oubliette was banished to a dimension called the Infinity Void by the Alimbics to make sure that Gorea would never escape to ravage the galaxy. It was later destroyed when Gorea was killed by Samus Aran.


After trapping Gorea in the Seal Sphere, the Alimbics needed a place to keep the sphere where nothing would ever release the monster within it. To that extent, they created the Oubliette prison, where the Seal Sphere was entombed within, and sent through a rift to the Infinity Void opened by the Alimbic Cannon. The Oubliette would remain in the void for many years after.


The Oubliette was returned to the Alimbic Cluster when Samus Aran activated the Alimbic Cannon with the eight Octoliths. The Cannon opened the rift to the Infinity Void, releasing the Oubliette from its dimensional prison. Just after it appeared, the other six hunters (Sylux, Weavel, Noxus, Trace, Spire and Kanden) traveled to the ship, believing that the "Ultimate Power" that they sought was aboard the Oubliette. Samus followed them shortly after.

The Alimbic ProphecyEdit

Samus followed the hunters to a chamber deep within the Oubliette, where they were all firing upon a pedestal with the Seal Sphere enshrined upon it. After sustaining severe damage, the pedestal exploded, reawakening Gorea. The monster then lashed out with long tentacles, absorbing their weapons. Rejuvenated, Gorea transformed into its Alimbic form, using the Seal Sphere as its source of power and wielding the weapons stolen from the six hunters. It then noticed Samus, who had borne witness to the creature's awakening, and attacked. Once the battle began, Samus noticed six strange devices arranged in a circle on the ceiling. Remembering the Prophecy she learnt from Alimbic Datashades, Samus triggered the devices in a specific order with the weapons that corresponded to their color. After doing so, a mechanism was triggered, which would finish off Gorea after Samus had weakened it. A long and hard battle followed, but the hunter managed to defeat Gorea by striking the Seal Sphere it was bound to.

Ultimate PowerEdit

The six devices then fired powerful energy beams onto the Seal Sphere, causing Gorea to fly away, which also teleported Samus to a huge spire. Now Samus saw Gorea's true form, which was completely immune to all of her weapons. It was then that Samus found the true Ultimate Power, a powerful Alimbic superweapon called the Omega Cannon. Using the Cannon, Samus destroyed Gorea once and for all. The force of the Seal Sphere's explosion was so great that it destroyed the Oubliette along with it.


  • Metroid Prime Hunters (First appearance)


"Oubliette" is a French word that means "prison." It is fitting for how the ship is where Gorea is entombed.

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