Outlander - Guerreiro Vs Predado-1

The Outlanders reaching the Moorwen Planet

Outlander - Guerreiro Vs Predado-5

The Moorwen Planet after the Outlander Invasion

Outlander - Guerreiro Vs Predado-3

A fire wave

Outlander - Guerreiro Vs Predado-6

The disposal of the bodies

Outlander - Guerreiro Vs Predado-4

The Outlander invasion

Outlander - Guerreiro Vs Predado-7

The Outlander colony

The Outlander Invasion was the near-extinction of Moorwens and the colonization of the Moorwen Planet by the Outlanders.

Once the resident species, the Moorwens, were presumed to be extinct by the Outlanders through a carpet bombing and hunting campaign, the Outlanders established a small residential colony on the Moorwen Planet.

However, the extermination campaign had not resulted in the total extinction of the Moorwens as the Outlanders had planned; at least one individual survived and took revenge against the unprotected residents of the new colony.

After the massacre of the Outlander Colony by the surviving Moorwen, a military ship was deployed to retrieve the bodies of the creature's victims. The perpetrating Moorwen stowed away on this ship and killed almost all of its crew.

It is unknown as to what if any future contacts between the Outlanders and the Moorwens on the Moorwen Planet occurred, specifically it is unknown if any later attempts at Outlander colonization took place there. The state of the Moorwen population after the colonists were eliminated is also unknown; almost all of the Moorwens were exterminated in the first attempt, although the known existence of at least one survivor combined with the species' reproductive habits (no mating is needed for Moorwen reproduction) leaves open the possibility of their continued survival.

Steps Edit

  • They sent waves of fire to destroy the Moorwens.
  • They used their spacecrafts to hunt the remnant Moorwens. Machine guns and smart bombs were the main weapons used in this effort.
  • They discard the Moorwen bodies. The Moorwen are presumed to be extinct at this point, however other species native to the planet survived the bombing campaign.
  • They colonized the Moorwen Planet. Their colony is a small anchoring community with relatively few settlers, and it is structured like a mission-styled compound with tall outer walls.