The Owool Interceptor was a snubfighter operated by the Wookiees in 40 ABY.


The Owool was a heavy fighter,[1] with a tapered fuselage and a curving, twin-pronged frontal fuselage, that gave it a sickle-shaped bow.[2] It was a robust design, but also fast, with twin engines that left visible efflux trails even at long range.[1]

The armament of the Owool included 4 laser cannons and 2 ion cannons, as well as missiles (3 launchers), and could be equipped to launch shadow bombs.


The Owool was originally designed to serve the Galactic Alliance, but it was a product of a new Wookiee shipyard named KashyCorp, and it entered service just as the Second Galactic Civil War was breaking out.[1] As a result, when the Wookiees joined the Confederation, the Owools participated in the defense of their homeworld, the Battle of Kashyyyk.[1]

A squadron of Owools was the first combat unit of the Wookiee fleet sent against the Fifth Fleet at the start of the battle.[1] During an attack run on the Anakin Solo, the flagship of Darth Caedus, several of these robust fighters were destroyed by the ships advanced point-defense weaponry, but one was flown by the Jedi Knight Lowbacca, and his shadow bomb was able to cause significant damage to the Star Destroyer.[3]

Following the Battle of Kashyyyk, the Wookiees contributed military assets to the Jedi Coalition. Owools were used by the Coalition as escorts for blastboats during raids on Galactic Alliance convoys, and were set to act in this capacity during the opening stages of the Second Battle of Roche, before Luke Skywalker decided that they were unnecessary and ordered them to stand down.[4] An Owool Squadron was also present at the Battle of Uroro Station where they were launched, in conjunction with blastboats and StealthXs, against the Galactic Alliance's fleet in an attempt to draw them into the waiting Hapan ambush.


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