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Panther Alien

The Panther Alien is a Xenomorph formed from a panther-like organism. It has a transparent, honey-colored head crest similar to the Queen's, and can shoot a flying parasite from its back in a manner very similar to its black cousin, the Night Cougar Alien.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • The relationship between the Panther and Night Cougar Aliens, and by extension, the Flying Attack Parasite and Kamikaze Parasite, are unknown. Since Xenomorphs as a whole have been known to be black, cream and red for the same strains, it is entirely possible that they are the same variant, just originating from two separate hives.
  • Given that this is named a panther and the color variant is known as the Night Cougar, it is more likely evolved from or inspired by a mountain lion than a black panther that one might immediately assume, as mountain lions (and various other cat species) are also called "panthers" by some individuals.

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