General Information
Homeworld Hathor
Diet Carnivore
Sapience Level Non-Sapience
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ben 10

Panuncians are a predatory species from the planet Hathor.

Panuncians are the predatory species of the Splixsons'.


Panuncians look like a mix of a wolf and a hyena, with large saber-teeth and a horn on its dog-like nose. Their stomach hair is a crimson red while their back hair is black.


Panuncians prey on Hathor natives in the wild, more often preying on Splixsons than any other prey items on Hathor. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Like Splixsons, Panuncians can multiply themselves and hunting in packs of themselves. Their strong as jaguar and saber-like teeth pirece through flesh with ease, extremely determined and vicious enough to hunting their prey until they kill it. 


  • Similar to Earth's Smilodons, they hunt helpless animals they can kill and often eaten cavemen or primitive humans. Making Splixsons the humans and Panuncian the smilodons in their version point of view.
  • Panunicians developed this abillity to outmatch their prey in numbers and strenghts. 
  • In their evolved form, they become extremely large, armored and no longer able to duplicating themselves. 

Ultimate EvolutionEdit

Using the Nemetrix evolutionary feature, a Panuncian can be artificially evolved.
Ultimate Panuncian

Evolved Panuncians resemble normal Panuncians, save for the fur being a crimson red, with their head now having plating with a larger horn where their original was with 2 smaller horns behind it and on the sides and larger fangs, patches of fur appear to be missing, exposing peach colored skin. Spikes grow from their shoulders and back.

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