Peptos XI
Peptos XI
Universe Ben 10 Universe
Galaxy Milky Way
Class Agriworld
Atmosphere Breathable
Primary Terrain Fungus forests
Notable Species Gourmand

Peptos XI is the planet where Gourmands comes from. It is the 11th planet in the peptos system (and due to the Gourmands unnatural eating habits, the 11th home planet of their species). A once great planet, Peptos XI was once one of the most vibrant planets in the entire universe. Its rich crops, abundant wildlife and diverse spice trade made it the best fed world in the sector. Now a world of dust and gravel, its inhabitants must make do with what is left. After a few years they evolved harder than diamond teeth, four long adhesive tongues and four stretchy stomachs filled with super corrosive acid that can be fired at will with great accuracy. Gourmands are literally eating machines as they only eat inorganic food such as a car; because of that, their only weakness is their inability to eat human food such as pizza because they cannot digest it. Their eating habits resulted in them literally eating several of the other planets in their system.

During a Incursion invasion the Gourmand queen order her subjects to eat the planet to prevent the incursion of annexing it and so it suffered the same fate of being eaten as Peptos 1 to 10 did,the Gourmand then jumped to another planet.