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The Peroenians were a Near-Human species that originated on the planet Peroenia, in the Unknown Regions. The had hexadactyl hands and feet, and they also had long, yellow-and-gray-colored hair. The Peroenians were keen explorers and after they learned that the rival Shorak species had discovered the planet Giaca, the Peroenians dispatched a number of expeditions to Giaca. The Shorak eventually attempted to establish a permanent colony on Giaca and the Peroenians sent a military force to ambush the colonists in the Giaca system, sparking a three-hundred-year-long war between the two species in which the Shorak were eventually victorious.

Thousands of years later, about two decades before the Clone Wars, the Shorak re-established a settlement on Giaca and in response, the Peroenians dispatched representatives of their own to establish a presence on the world. While a number of skirmishes broke out on Giaca between the two species, the Shorak were eventually able to establish a permanent colony on the planet. However, the Peroenians continued to harry them and they frequently launched attacks on the Shorak colony.

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