Peron was one of the 218 prisoners who escaped from SAR TOP Prison in the Migar System in an engineered prison break - taking over a human body on Earth.

The species which Peron is isn't revealed, although he is most likely a Nodulian. The reason he was sent to SAR TOP is also not revealed - although it was shown that he was knowledgeable in both technology and genetics.


Some time after arriving on Earth, the Vardian known as Zin (who was responsible for engineering the prison break) set Peron to work on finding a way to transfer the prisoner's life forces from one body to another.
Peron and Sirez's base of operations.

Peron and Sirez's base of operations.

This was necessary as it would mean that if a prisoner was involved in a serious accident and needed a new boy, their life force could be transferred to a new host.

Setting up a base in an abandoned warehouse, Zin set Peron to work with another escaped fugitive - a Nodulian called Sirez (who had taken over the body of a teenage boy called Jordan Baylor). The base also housed an old swimming pool - due to Nodulians needing to swim through water with a high amount of Zinc to survive. The pair began work immediately, with Peron working on the machinery necessary while Sirez would go out to 'gather raw materials' for Peron to experiment with. The 'raw materials' that Sirez was collecting were children who were living on the streets for various reasons - with Sirez either persuading or kidnapping them. However, Zin also warned the pair that he wanted results and quickly.

Some of their earlier attempts to transfer life forces did

A life force transfer experiment fails badly.

not go well - which Peron attributed to the fact that the neural pathways of the alien life forces and their human hosts have to be mapped precisely, as well as the fact that many of the homeless children that Sirez was bringing in were malnourished and/or addicted to drugs - pointing out that the process putting a high amount of stress on the human bodies.

The proof of this came when they pair intended to transfer the life force of an Enixian (who was previously a highly skilled engineer and whose host body had suffered severe damage) into a homeless boy - only for it to fail. Although the boy survived and despite the failure, Sirez simply ordered Peron to perfect the process quickly as he had already been trying for weeks - especially since Cole (the Tracker) was now hunting them. He also stated he would go out to get a 'healthy
Sirez threatens Peron.

Sirez threatens Peron.

body', but threatened Peron that if he did not succeed with the healthy body, then he would be hanging off the walls with the rest of the 'raw materials'.

As Cole continued his search for Sirez - during which he and Mel met several homeless children and asked them for information - he was contacted by one of the children (a girl called Tina), who had seen Sirez that morning. With Tina having nowhere to go, Cole kindly invited her over - letting her use the shower and get some food. Learning about why Tina left home, Tina explains to Cole that her mother's new boyfriend was a 'total perv' who used to try and watch her when she showered. When Tina tried to explain this to her mum, her mother refused to believe Tina and she believed that her daughter  was making it up to try and ruin her
Sirez and Peron restrain Tina as Peron starts the machine.

Sirez and Peron restrain Tina as Peron starts the machine.

new relationship. When Cole asks about her father, Tina explains that he mum hates him and that her mother took Tina away after her parents divorced - with Tina having no idea where her father is now.

As Mel talks to Cole in private about referring Tina to social services, Tina overhears and leaves due to not wanting to be sent back to her mother - only to be found and kidnapped by Sirez. When Cole continues his search for Sirez, he begins to search abandoned buildings that would have pools in them, reaching the base of Sirez and Peron last. While Peron prepares the process, she wakes up and hits him - only to be restrained by both men and start screaming. Her
Cole saves Tina.

Cole saves Tina by blowing out the machine with his powers.

screams are heard by Cole, who rushes to her aid.

During her struggle, Peron turns on the machine as Cole bursts in - temporarily capturing Sirez using a curtain from the Watchfire like a net, before rushing to help Tina; using his energy manipulation to short out the machine and narrowly save Tina's life. Peron, meanwhile, uses the opportunity to escape out the back while Cole chased Sirez - who had also broken free and was attempting to jump into Lake Michigan (where Cole wouldn't be able to follow him). Although Cole successfully captured Sirez's life force, Peron had long since fled. The homeless children in the warehouse were taken to the hospital (staff confirming to Mel when she called that
Peron flees.

Peron flees.

they would be okay) while Cole would both destroy the life force-transfer equipment (with the hope that Zin wouldn't be able to replicate it) and helped re-unite Tina with her father.

It's unbeknown what happened to Peron following his and Sirez's failure, but it's most likely that his life force was taken when Cole found a way to capture all the life forces at once, but it's not known if he returned when the prisoner's life forces began to return across North America.


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