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Petrosapien crystals

Petrosapien Crystals are minerals that make up most of the anatomy ofPetrosapiens and most likely the composition of Petropia. In appearance, they superficially resemble Taydenite crystals but with a varying tone from mint green to aqua blue. A Petrosapien can sapeshift their body parts that are made of this material (mostly their arms) and can shoot them from their bodies as projectiles. These crystals can also be formed by a Petrosapien from any solid surface in a variety of shapes and can be telekinetically be controlled by the individual at will, making it a highly renewable substance. It is also most likely composed of silicon hence Petrosapiens being silicon-based life forms. It is not seen to be valuable in terms of wealth but can be seen as a lucky find to a race unfamiliar with it.

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