Phantoon Concept 1

Phantoon, a giant alien ghost, is one of the four creatures linked to the golden statue that guards the entrance to Tourian. It is found at the Wrecked Ship at Crateria, draining the ship's energy for nourishment and to power Tourian.

Phantoon is truly a monster, with a bloated head, tentacles, and a single eye inside a maw rimmed with razor sharp teeth. The eye is further protected by sharp spikes. The creature's primary attack is by generating what looks like tears made from blue fire. It becomes tangible when its eye opens, suddenly appearing with a roar and dropping a shower of burning tears from the ceiling. When this happens, Samus Aran must fire a missile or charge beam shot in the eye. Firing a Super Missile causes it to appear at the ceiling and throw off waves of fireballs. Defeating it restores power to the Wrecked Ship and causes all Coverns to disappear.

It is later recreated or otherwise reincarnated on the Bottle Ship where it has grown in size and attacks Samus when she enters the Control Room.


  • Super Metroid (First appearance)
  • Metroid: Other M

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